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The Mazzi Collection includes limited edition fountain pens in 12 themes, hand-painted with aerographic techniques by famous Italian artist and airbrush master Claudio Mazzi. Mazzi has personalized works for prestigious and well known compnaies like Maserati. His passion is the miniuature, so he was comissioned by Visconti to create this fascinating line of pens. The pens are made of resin and have a 14k gold nib. The filling system is converterEvery year a new set will be released, with new designs painted in the typical subjects of the collection. The new twelve pens will be released in editions limited to a quantity related to the year of the collection (excluding the millennium); i.e. for this year 2005 Visconti sets out 205 pieces, for year 2006 there will be 206 pieces available, and so on. Obviously all collectors who will purchase all twelve subjects from the first edition on will have the right to get all the pens of the same serial number in subsequent years